Leadership Challenge Part II - With Extra Steps...

Updated: Apr 6

It has come as a surprise to many that the Scottish Libertarian Party, instead of facilitating a fair and transparent leadership election process, have decided that a challenge to a sitting leader is apparently damaging to the party and no member should ever do so.

Is this the beginning of a Libertarian Authoritarian Caucus?

Very late on Sunday evening I was woken by multiple phone calls from some of my supporters. It was all over social media that I had been expelled from the party. The public statement from the Party read almost like I had voluntarily resigned! This was clearly designed to be very vague and misleading. It also appeared to be timed to avoid as much negative publicity to the Party as possible, at the end of a busy week when most people have already retired to their beds to prepare for the start of a new working week.

Let's have a look at the email I received:

No accusation or reason. No date of decision. No vote result. No invitation to make representation in defence of any allegation. Absolutely nothing. Zero. Not even a single warning.

"Thank you, but no thank you." - (Paraphrased)

So there we have it. Do not dare criticise our Dear Supreme Leader of our Libertarian Authoritarian Caucus, or point out any of the obvious flaws in our crumbling foundations or we will disperse with you forever...

...Except, nothing lasts forever.

Today I am announcing a new leadership challenge. Only this time, I will obviously require to overturn this decision, possibly at a future AGM, to allow members to have their say. How would any of them like to be simply "disappeared" from possessing their membership rights and responsibilities without notice, warning, or simple process?

It is an exceptionally dangerous precedent now set and could be disastrous to the Party's future. What use is a political party with no future?

Finally, I'd like to say this to those who have been supporting me during my previous leadership election campaign: It is not over. As seen on some social media pages, please do not cancel your membership. The membership need you now more than ever before to stand firm and be prepared to attend future AGMs and exercise your rights to vote at them. Without you, the Scottish Libertarian Party will probably cease to exist before too long.

Welcome to the world of politics.

Stephen McNamara

Former Member &

Future Leadership Election Challenger

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